Projects Overview

We have several ideas for projects to be implemented on the family farmground. Contact us to learn more!

The Cherokee Hills Event Center

We have decided to convert our former horse barn and pasture into a venue for events and performances. A total solar eclipse marks the first of hopefully many more future events to come!

The Big ID Consulting Services

With over 40 years experience in agronomy & conservation, Ivan Dozier still has a lot of wisdom to contribute to the world of agriculture. Together with his son, the 2 Ivans possess 40+ Years of Government Policy Experience, 5+ Years in Product Management, 2 Master's Degrees in Crop Sciences, Certified Crop Advisor credentials, and multiple awards and publications.

Agricultural Research

The family farm retains nearly 100 tillable acres, perfect for small-plot research and precision agriculture. We would love to continue our contributions to advancing agriculture with our land and expertise! 

Medicine Wind Native Healing Center

Our family is proud of our Native American ancestry, and we have spent many years both managing the land and listening to what leassons the land itself has to teach us. We are happy to share those lessons and stories with visitors who come with an open mind and earnest heart.

Craft Brewing
Southern Illinois, also known as Little Egypt, is a region with its own rich culture and history. Despite its unique identity, Southern Illinois is often overlooked when it comes to artisan craftwork in brewing or culinary pursuits. We would like to change that by cultivating forgotten or overlooked plant species and utilizing their flavors to develop original products for truly adventurous flavor-seekers.