Other Perks:
*Free Eclipse Glasses are Included with your Admission!

*Multiple campsites give you the freedom to find your perfect spot!

*Themed Concessions Available for Purchase Such as Moon Pies & Milky Ways, plus
Themed Adult Beverages including Blue Moon, Corona, Sol, High Noon, Sunny D, and an assortment of Light Beers

*Facilities & Vendors will be on site all weekend!

Once In a Lifetime

Tips to Enjoy your Once-In-a-Lifetime Experience with the 2024 Total Eclipse!

Totality or Bust!
Trust us. 90% doesn't cut it; nor even 99%. A TOTAL Solar Eclipse is what transforms the oddity into a spectacle, and we are right on the center line!

You won't want to wait 20 years for this life-changing event!
After this event, the next total solar eclipse that can be seen from the contiguous United States will be on Aug. 23, 2044.

Champ knows to camp!
Hotels, parks, and service stations are already filling up! Make plans to come early to ensure you've got the perfect spot to stay over and avoid traffic!

Come prepared!
The forecast looks chilly! Come prepared with extra blankets & warm clothes. Here are some other recommended camping supplies:
*Cash  *Cell Phone  *Battery Pack  *Batteries  *Flashlight  *Camera  *Grill  *Ice  *Cooler  *Snacks  *Water  *Beverages  *Sunscreen  *Bug Spray  *Pillows  *Sleeping Bags  *Tent  *Hammock  *Folding Chairs  *Earplugs  *Paper Towels   *Hand Warmers  *Roadside Kit  *Overnight Toiletries  *Positive Vibes


2024 Eclipse Overview

2024 Eclipse Details

Located at 
204 CR 2500 N, Mill Shoals, IL 62862

Here's why our event center is the perfect spot to catch the event!

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